A new fashion future

A collaboration between UNTAGGED and Graduate Fashion Foundation.

Final year fashion design students used secondhand clothing and waste fabrics to create one of a kind outfits. These designs will be showcased at UNTAGGED's catwalk show during Graduate Fashion Week, the world's largest showcase of graduate fashion talent. The three designs shown here are virtual versions of the top three winning physical looks, which you can now own digitally and wear virtually.

Paving the way for a more sustainable fashion industry.

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Virtual garment

Meet the designers

Yu Ying

Fashion Design, Sichuan Fine Art Institute

Ying loves installation art and wearable art. Currently working on vegan fashion designs, which she hopes will be commercially successful in the future.


Inspired by the traditional Chinese costume "Hundred Family Clothes". There is no waste of trimmings from the collage garment production process.

About the piece

Made by deconstructing the original garment and using the garment locking process to patchwork , emphasising the texture of the stitching.

Reason for winning

The judges were impressed by Ying's patch-working and selection of patterns on the waste trimmings used in the design.

Kasia Hughes

Fashion Pattern Cutting (BA), London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London

Kasia values the act of creation: from the ideation to the realisation of a garment, she is conscientious about the quality, sustainability and meaning behind what she makes. Kasia hopes to find work in an atelier, constructing clothes as a creative pattern cutter or seamstress.


Kasia’s design was inspired by both the organic shape of the cello and the geometric construction diagrams of the instrument, paired with an ethos grounded in sustainable, slow-fashion.

About the piece

Denim jacket and trousers made from upcycled men’s trousers and denim offcuts. The jacket has statement raglan sleeves with concave indents that imitate the c-bouts of the cello, and the back has a layered patchwork design. The trousers share this geometric patchwork pattern on the right leg, based off cello construction diagrams, and the back features an undulating curved yoke and patch pocket.

Reason for winning

Kasia's outfit showed incredible design and craftsmanship. The construction of the garment and inspiration from the cello really caught the judges eye.


Fashion Design, Nuovo Accademia di Belle Arti

Matteo likes to work with fabrics and manipulate them, seeing the fabrics as 50% of the look. In the future he wants to be a successful fashion designer.


This project draws inspiration from the aesthetics of darkroom environments (camera obscura).

About the piece

The trench takes shape from the union of work coats, with a black colour suitable for the dim light of these rooms. The dress and the closing laces of the trench coat take inspiration from the long unrolled films, ready to be developed in the laboratories.

Reason for winning

The judges loved the trench coat design and were keen to see how it would translate into a digital garment.

Why digital

At UNTAGGED we want to create a new future for the fashion industry, which is less reliant on fast fashion, and a culture that is less wasteful. We envisage a future where 50% of our wardrobes will be digital or secondhand, reducing our reliance on buying new clothing. UNTAGGED is the first platform that brings together physical resale and digital fashion, enabling us to create sustainable hybrid wardrobes that we can wear in our physical and digital lives.

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UNTAGGED is a ground-breaking new fashion resale app that rewards you for trading your secondhand clothes. Not only is there zero commission for buying or selling on our app, but you also earn points whenever you use it, which you could redeem for great rewards like in-app credit, brand discounts... and even a free coffee on us. Download the app here now (currently only available on iOS) and start earning!

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